On July 9, 2018-11, July 2018, the first batch of Hydrographic Engineering Professionals Program Category A Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) conducted a survey in several areas in Jakarta Bay. This survey activity aims to train the ability of prospective surveyor students using Multi Beam Echo Sounder (MBES) method to measure the depth of the sea. Activities are divided into three main activities, namely:

  1. Survey had 21 main lanes with spacing between lanes of 20 m and 2 lanes cross with 600 m spacing.
  2. Patch test consists of 6 lanes with spacing between lanes As far as 10m.
  3. Performance tests consists of 5 main lanes and 5 crosses each spaced 20 m.

The main team consists of Aditya Prayoga, S.T., Abilla Pramita Dewi, S.T., and Catur Susilo Ardi. S.T. The main team is assisted by two students of Geodetic and Geomatics Engineering ITB namely Ahmad Abdul Aziz and Dody Virgiawan.

Depth gauges used are Kongsberg M3 type MBES with measurement tool used is Veripos type which has Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) system. In performing the rendering, not only is the other MBs type Kongsberg M3 transducer tool. Equipped with other devices incorporated with depth measuring systems consisting of a Motion Reference Unit (MRU) for measuring motion, Sound Velocity Profiler (SVP) to measure average air-sounding speeds, and Hemisphere GPS to determine the direction of the ship . In addition, in conducting the survey, tidal value of sea water is also needed to correct the data obtained from the transducer. Tidal data taken from one of the Geospatial Information Agency (BIG) tidal stations located in Pondok Dayung area, North Jakarta. This survey activity is supported by PT. Geotronix Utama Indonesia and Surveying and Mapping Laboratory in providing survey instruments.

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