Generally speaking, the field of expertise of this research group is divided into three main branches: LaOOS, 3D-MODIS, GeoDIS. KK-InSIG (Kelompok Keilmuan Inderaja dan Sistem Informasi Geografis / Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Science Research Group ) actively conducts several capacity building activity regarding the latest geospatial technology each year. The research group also establishes a number of regional and inter- national cooperation with involves a range of private sectors, governments and higher education institutes. Moreover, KK-InSIG contributes actively in the government’s mission in developing the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and national mapping.

Laoos: Land and Ocean Observing Systems (LaOOS) conducts research, education and community service activities that focus on observing the phenomena and objects present in land, sea, coastal areas, surface water forms such as lakes and rivers including biodiversity and biogeography, satellite-based remote sensing, aircraft, drones and terrestrial systems. The integration of remote sensing data is also a separate study because with the integration of data is expected to give better results. LAOOS conducts activities from various disciplines that analyze studies in a multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary manner. LaOOS applies remote sensing technology for forestry, agriculture, plantation, urban planning, village development, coastal and marine areas including biogeography and biodiversity, social and economic fields such as poverty, population, and disaster.

Geodis: Geospatial Data and Information System researches focuses on Geographical Information System modeling which related with Analytical Methods, Spatial Database, Geocomputation, Cartography, and Visualization

3D Modis: 3D-Modelling and Information System researches focuses on geospatial processing. This includes photogrammetry, close-range photo- grammetry, laser scaning, 3D topographical mapping, 3D city and landscampe model, and 3D spatial database development.