The program offers Doctor degree (Doktor – Dr.) in Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering.

It is a research based program with proposal development, seminars, defend, and additional lectures. The length of study is design on 6 (six) semesters normally and maximum extending is 10 (ten) semesters.


Registration of the candidates for Doctoral at ITB can be directly “on line” through

Research Based on the Roadmap of Research Groups

The Doctoral Study Program in Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering is under the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technologies (FITB), which oriented towards academic education with the competence to create and renew/originality in research/research-based science, knowledge and technology. The research referred to follows Research Group roadmaps, namely:

  1. Geodesy
  2. Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Science
  3. Surveying and Cadastre
  4. Coastal and Ocean and Maritime Engineering

Curriculum and Length of Study

The Doctoral Study Program curriculum is held with a minimum credit is 42 credits. The Doctoral Study Program follows under the provisions of the ITB Post Graduate School (SPS) which consists of 4 (four) Stages namely;


Tahap Matakuliah SKS
Tahap I Filsafat Ilmu 2
Metodologi Penelitian 3
Mata Kuliah Pilihan** 8
Tahap II Ujian Kualifikasi 3
Penyusunan Proposal 3
Tahap III Laporan Kemajuan I 5
Laporan Kemajuan II 5
Laporan Kemajuan III 5
Laporan Kemajuan IV 5
Tahap IV Ujian Disertasi 3

Compulsory Courses

No Kode Nama Matakuliah SKS
1 Metodologi Penelitian 3
2 Filasfat Ilmu 2
3 Ujian Kualifikasi 3
4 Penyusunan Proposal 3
5 Laporan Kemajauan I 5
6 Laporan Kemajauan II 5
7 Laporan Kemajauan III 5
8 Laporan Kemajauan IV 5
9 Ujian Disertasi 3


Elective Courses

No Kode Nama Matakuliah SKS
1 GD7202 Medan Gaya Berat Bumi 3
2 GD7203 Ilmu Sistem Bumi 3
3 GD7204 Infrastruktur Kadaster Modern 3
4 GD7205 Survey Rekayasa untuk Industri dan Riset 3
5 GD8102 Sains Informasi Geografis 3
6 GD8103 Sains Pengamatan Bumi 3
7 GD8104 Sains Keputusan dan Pengembangan Sistem Pembangunan Wilayah Pesisir dan Laut 3
8 GD8105 Sains dan Rekayasa  Tata Kelola Sumberdaya  Wilayah Pesisir dan Laut 3


Prospective candidates are advised to visit ITB Graduate School.

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