Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering is playing important role in determining the dynamic of the earth, producing precise positioning for any features on Earth. imaging and monitoring the earth, producing high accuracy and 3 dimensional geospatial data, processing and analyzing data to information to decision, developing any geospatial information system for solutions of environmental, social or even political problem.

The International Undergraduate Program focus on the importance of Earth Data Science (EDS). EDS has become famous to analyzing the broad scope of earth science applications than before. It includes data acquisition, processing, modeling, and advance analysis to solve, but not limited to, geosciences problems.

The International Undergraduate Program offers international exposures that cannot be obtain on a regular program. It includes:

  • Student exchange at partner university abroad
  • Visiting professor from partner universities
  • Double degree*

Further, The International Undergraduate Program is specifically designed to nurture undergraduate students so they will possess strong competence of geospatial and Earth Data Science at an international level. All academic activities in this program is conduced in English, and preparing them to compete at an international level.

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