Despite that ocean water is the majority of the Indonesian territory, our knowledge on its behaviour and effective tools for their management is considered insufficient. Being an archipelagic state and with the ever increasing pressures from the natural and anthropological agents, Indonesia calls for a well-fitted knowledge and system that facilitates better governance and management for sustainable development. It is the mission of the research groups to develop ideas, invent, and operate engineering-based systems applied to the spatial domain, in particular coastal and ocean zones. Such system shall play a significant role as the core of spatial-based decision support. This will –in turn– contribute to the quality of maritime activities where all of economic and industrial resources at the ocean are exploited. In order to cope with our mission, the research division is strengthened by four interrelated streams of scientific development: water boundaries, integrated coastal zone management, modelling, and maritime economy. Brief elaboration of topics under each stream of scientific development follows.

Waters Boundaries and Ocean Government: Tide, Datum and Vertical Reference; Geographic and Ecologic Approaches on Ocean Boundaries; Geodetic Aspects of the Law of the Sea; Port Connectivity and Marine Navigation; Ocean Governance on Archipelagic State.

Integrated Costal Zone Management (ICZM) on Archipelagic State: Watershed, Estuary and Coastal Morphology; Diversity of Geo-Bio-Socio-Cultural Aspects of Coastal and Ocean; Archipelagic Characterization of Indonesian State; Integrated Land-Coastal-Ocean Management.

Marine Resources Modelling and Disaster Protection: Underwater and Sea Bed Mapping; Sub-Bottom Profiling; Ocean Properties Modelling; Coastal and Marine Environment; Disaster Protection Engineering

Coastal and Maritime Economic Development: Human-Land Ratio and Its Geographical Association; Socio-economic and Cultural Aspects of Coastal Community; Maritime Archipelagic Economic Development; Spatio-temporal Decision Support System and Public Policy.